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SpinTec 203 – SEZ Inside

SpinTec 203 – SEZ Inside

NO NEED for re-qualification:

  • Proven unique original processes
    • By the original inventor Hans Kruwinus
  • Recipes compatible with existing systems
  • SEZ 203 recipes usable with the same process results
    • “Copy & paste” tool replacement or addition to existing fleet
  • Process development and improvement programs available
    • SIC substrate processing and handling ready

Single wafer wet etch system for 150-300mm wafers.

Components & Design

Components & Design:

Spare parts available on site

Latest components: no more part obsolescence issues
> 90% of components from Europe (primarily Austria)
Valves, fittings and pumps from Japan

Improved design: Stäubli handling robots!

Bernoulli handling with wafer alignment available as an option