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PTW SpinTec an OEM emerged as a spin off from the PTW-Group due to the high demand for refurbishments of 150mm and 200mm single wafer wet etch equipment. Since numerous components for older platforms became obsolete it was decided to move on to the next step and establish a production line for 150mm to 300mm single wafer wet etch equipment next to the refurbishment facility.

Our team of experts, the early core team of SEZ, comprises 40 years of process expertise and equipment development gained in the field and R&D especially in SpinEtch technology. Interconnected with suppliers and customers PTW SpinTec represents an excellent network in the semiconductor industry.

PTW SpinTec’s manufacturing facility engineers and develops single wafer wet etch equipment driven by process applications for maximum efficiency and flexibility as well as sustainability.

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PTW SpinTec is striving to deliver the highest level of process engineering for single wafer wet etch and cleaning applications and to deliver premium quality single wafer wet etch equipment with cutting-edge technology for the semiconductor industry.



Our mission is to deliver the world’s leading and finest designed single wafer wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics. Committed to process technology innovation we are continually developing single wafer wet etch applications providing high performance as well as productivity and economic solutions for customers thus creating value for the society and the environment, we live in.

PTW SpinTec Worldwide

While we maintain our manufacturing and engineering expertise exclusively in Austria, our Sales and

Service organization extends its reach worldwide.

PTW SpinTec Worldwide